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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

submit to hyperchalice vol. 4!


after a hugeeee hiatus on this project i'm sort of finally wrapping up formatting hyperchalice vol. 4, and have come to discover i need a few more drawings!! so i'm opening it up for submissions!
here's the basics: hyperchalice vol. 4 is a monster zine, sort of in the vein of "Beasts" but way looser and waaay lower-budget. I asked a bunch of people to draw monsters ('monster' being open to interpretation) and received a pile of totally righteous drawings, photos and/or collages from people like calvin wong, that guy ryan sands, lamar abrams, jacob berendes, james stokoe, brian chippendale, little elio, mr. michael deforge, ine`s, my buddy todd i used to work with, and mike taylor.

here are specs: 5.5 x 8.5 inches, black and white, halftones ok, greytones ok i think (worst case scenario i'll brutalize your artwork and turn it into halftones), 2 page spread o.k  (8.5x11)
you get zero dollars, but i will send you a few zines you can do whatever with.

what actually gets included in the zine is up to my discretion. if i am not into your submission i probably won't reply to your email to avoid awkward formalities. feel free to submit more than one drawing (although i might just pick one), also feel free to submit comics or sequential images no more than 2 pages. words are o.k. too but i'd prefer they contain an image of sorts, but i guess it doesn't matter. they only real requirement (besides the 'monster' thing) is that the drawing be made with the zine in mind. aka something new.
email me with any questions and submissions! michaelacolette (at) gmail (dot) com
also right now the zine is pretty much a sausage fest, so encourage your lady selves/friends to submit stuff!!

also here's a drawing mike d did for the title page !!!

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