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Sunday, September 20, 2009

This blog is part of Ordinary. Art. Literature. Culture. A Zine. The mission...


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This blog is part of Ordinary. Art. Literature. Culture. A Zine. The mission of Ordinary is to publish writers who have different voices in one place as a form of demonstration that no matter who you are, what you do, what kind of education you have if you are a writer you have a voice. Our mission is to bring creative writing, in particular poetry, to the community through the publication of the Zine, neighborhood poetry readings and other events that promote creativity and equality.


Writers may submit up to five pages of either poetry or fiction. Please use only 12 point font, Times New Roman (or something similar) and black ink. Fiction must be double-spaced.

At this time we are not taking any artwork. However, we hope to soon.

Submissions may be emailed to ordinaryzine@gmail.com . Specify if you are submitting a piece of fiction or poetry in subject line. Please include a brief bio and send only rtf or doc files.
Acceptances will recieve one copy of the Zine.

All rights revert to the authors and artists upon publication in Ordinary. Art. Literature. Culture. unless otherwise stated in writing. We reserve the right to reprint all work in subsequent issues.

Submission deadline is January 25, 2010.



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