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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zeen Review: JUTCHY YA YA 37-39

JUTCHY YA YA #s 37-39 by Adam Ford

I believe I recall reading some kind of announcement about the beginning of Adam's 'Jutchy Ya Ya' project via an e-mail years ago. It was slated as a quick project he can slap out in a few hours per issue. This makes impeccable sense for most of us. This might be the only time we get per week or per month or whatever we have to devote to something like a zeen. Earlier editions of JYY did seem to exhibit those odd afternoons where time was free & zeens could get made. Since that time the author has turned into a full time worker w/ a growing family & a house in  something resembling the country. For most in the same situation, this would be a full plate & I dare say those odd afternoon's freedom's gone the way of the dodo. Thankfully 'Jutchy Ya Ya' has persevered & is now, apparently, constructed on a laptop during train rides to & from work. & This thing is probably gonna see 50 issues, a whopper of a zeen run. The topics in each edition vary greatly. There's probably a number of more responsible things Adam could be devoting these lil' windows of time to. But in the diaspora of the zeens contents you can see that's kind of the point. As Adelaide writer Nazz once told my brother amongst a few beers "it's easier to be working on half a dozen things than be focussed on one big thing". One big thing is too horrifying for us, having a number of alternatives provides us w/ needful distractions from tasks @ hand. JYY is a tribute to these distractions. From accolades for favourite comic books (or zeens, or websites), DIY commentary on Pet Shop Boys videos & reviews on his kids' bedtime reading. & It's free. PO BOX 99, Chewton, Victoria, Australia, 3451. A5 portrait format, B&W S&G, staple bound.

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