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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Poem a Day, & Candy Box


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via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by Chantel G. on 9/16/09
Here are the comments that Laura-Marie wrote about my zines in Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine #45:

A Poem a Day by Chantel is a zine of poems that Chantel wrote in January. Reading them gives me the sense of a life.

Candy Box: An Adventure in Sweets from the UK by Chantel is a review zine of candy from the UK. Included are photocopies of the candy wrappers, and she rates each candy on wrapper, visual appeal, and taste, with bonus points for being easy to share or save some for later. It's entertaining and informative. If you eat milk chocolate, I would advise you to pick up a Flake!

Thanks for the mention, Laura-Marie. I appreciate it.


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