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Friday, September 25, 2009

Do you need qualifications to be an artist? [38]


via Pikaland - Article by Amy on 9/18/09

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… And that's the topic for the fifth issue of the Good to Know zine! It's our biggest issue ever too – 68 pages filled with shared experiences and thoughts by 51 artists, illustrators and designers. There's also a special segment that's generously shared by Melanie Maddison of Colouring Outside the Lines zine, and features snippets of previous 10 interviews with artists that relates to the topic at hand.

To celebrate the launch, we're giving away TWO issues of this zine; one each to lucky commentors who share with us their thoughts: Is it necessary to have a degree/qualification to be an artist? Do you have experiences or thoughts to share?

Giveaway ends on 25th September, and if you can't wait, well you can always get your own copy at the Good to Know project page where you'll also find past issues of the zine!

Pssst, also, if you want new updates every now and then, you might be interested in signing up for our mailing list?

{The pattern for the cover of issue #5 was designed by Vicky Smith}


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