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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zine trades – July 25 and Love Like Pop!

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It's been a busy couple of weeks for this panda and fetus – school has started again, we've been working on a couple of projects that will be revealed all in good time and we've received a good number of zine trades to brighten up our PO Box.

The first of these trades is from Amanda in Wollongong [as opposed to yours truly] who sent us her 24 hour zine July 25.

July 25

A visually clean-cut A6 black and white zine, it documents her activities on the 25th July 2009, as well as including flashbacks to what she has done on that day in previous years courtesy of some very diligent diary-keeping. It is sweet and personal without being angsty and was a lovely read from front to back. You can contact Amanda at meiow.meiow [at] gmail [dot] com.

The second trade was from Rachael in Perth who sent us issues #5 and #6 of her zine Love Like Pop.

Love like pop

Both were dense reads, a wonderful mix of graphics and text which included personal writings about her experience with racial identity and online dating, musings about music and joining a band, book and artist reviews and found objects and notes from the library at which she works. I really really enjoyed both of them, they were an interesting and poignant glimpse into someone else's world which is exactly how I like my personal zines. Dare I say, Perth zinemakers are fast becoming my favourite zinemakers? Anyway, you can contact Rachael at rachaelk [at] gmail [dot] com or find her blog here.

AND THAT'S IT! Well, actually, there are more trades but we're going to scan them so that you're not subjected to my crappy photography skills.

x panda

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