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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Snap! Mark Price talks about the ZINE OF THE MONTH project


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Maximum slices! Each month receive in your mailbox a limited edition, screen-printed artist zine. Subscribe for the year and receive 12 issues total. The ZINE OF THE MONTH 2009 line-up features zines from Philadelphia all stars: Rob Francisco, Michael Gerkovich, Jason Hsu, Annette Monnier, Hilary Price, Mark Price, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Lance Simmons, James Ulmer, as well as out-of-towner Brian Blomerth. Subscribe at any time and receive all back issues followed by a new volume each month.  Individual issues available as well.

After reading the press release you may wonder, "who could be responsible for industrious publishing endeavor?" Why it's Mark Price, an up and coming print artist, who is also a member of the venerable Philadelphia arts collective Space 1026.  All of which seems to be the question: How does he have time to organize and produce the Zine of the Month? Mark recently sat down with printeresting and talk about his myriad of projects and shed some light on his exciting Zine of the Month project.


You are very accomplished artist, showing your work all over the country, both 'solo' and as a member of Space 1026, most recently with GlowLab in Ny. How did 'zines and bookmaking become a part of your practice and how did that lead to starting the 'zine of the month' club?

Thank you! Glowlab has been great to work with. They have some amazing artists they are working with and are doing an interesting program at their cozy little spot on 30 Grand in Soho. Producing zines and books has been a part of my jam forever. It is a concise and immediate way to physically assemble a body of work on the cheap. Its real and intimate. Keeping a studio at Space 1026 I got to constantly see everyone cranking out new things and wanted to create an outlet that was a collaborative venture between friends and artists primarily in Philly who's work I love.

Would you consider the 'zine of the month club as a 'zine producer — meaning you select artists and invite them to make work for the project or are you primarily a 'zine distribution system — meaning you curate the selection from cool 'zine makers you already know — or some combination of the two?
Zine Producer totally, though many of the artists I have been releasing zines with self publish their work, I am inviting them to make work specifically for Zine Of The Month with little limitation besides the size. I am printing, assembling them all, and handling distribution slash sales while giving a portion of the finished edition to the artist to sell or give away on their own.
Will the project continue on after this year? And what other collective print projects might you like to work on in the future?
Yes. I am planning out the 2010 release schedule and will be offering subscriptions before the end of this year. So far the plan is to do zines in '10 with Glowlab, William Boone, Chris Kline, and Space 1026. Yo, this is enough right now – it sometimes feels a little idiotic printing and publishing something every month. No, but I am into getting it going for another year for sure.


With that in mind head to Zine of the Month to order back issues or reserve your subscription.


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