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Friday, October 2, 2009

Giampaoli, Justin


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Blood Orange (with art by Grant Lee) Now Available!  $.50

It's always mildly demoralizing when I see a review quote on the back of the book that's miles more insightful than anything I'll ever say.  Ryan Claytor (yes, that Ryan Claytor, the one with all the books for sale on this site) nails this book on the back cover, and I'm going to do the best I can to ignore that quote and press on.  This is, essentially, a childhood memory.  There was a week when Justin (at least I'm guessing it's Justin, what with him being the writer and all) ate nothing but oranges.  They had a tree in their backyard, his parents had had a check bounce and there was no margin for error for such things.  This brief comic follows the progressing mortification of his parents, even as Justin admits to it not being all that bad at the time.  Of course, he was a small kid who went along with it being "just a game" to eat oranges all week, but outside of not being able to avoid thinking about it whenever he drinks orange juice, I think he came out OK.  It's even timely, what with the current recession and everybody cutting back on non-essentials.  It's worth a look, and as they sent along some extra copies for the store just to get a little exposure, here's hoping that cheap price will convince some of you people to check it out.  $.50


The Mercy Killing

This is an interesting little story from two people I've never heard of. A man tries to start a business, fails, and then his life takes a turn when he is offered a solution to his problems. The art is kind of sloppy but serves this story well and it's pretty well written. Add that to the fact that it's $1 and it's hard not to recommend checking this one out. Shortest review ever? Could be. E-mail the writer or the artist, I'm sure that either of them could send you a copy of this and maybe even tell you about other things they have going on.


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