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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's go to Utah


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via Comics Village Reviews by Glenn Carter on 8/31/09

Dave, Let's Go To Utah's main character, has a strange nightmare. It compells him to get to Utah by any means necessary to fulfil the dream and find answers as to what it means. Enter Leif, amiable friend of a friend, to drive him to Utah. Things go a bit weird from there.

Essentially a road trip story, with a strong feel of buddy movie (if your buddy happens to be a likeable but raving psycho, that is), Let's Go To Utah is a brilliant read.

Oh yeah, initially you'll be going "what the?" at the quirky line art and strange scenarios, but once you get into it and realise that Dave Chisholm, like his namesake character, has a clear destination, you'll see the talent inherent in the writing. Once you realise that everything about this book is actually brilliant you'll be compelled, like I was.

The story is as much about Leif as it is about Dave, which is good because Leif is a fleshed out, interesting and deranged character. He's delightfully surreal when he talks, I particularly love the line, "What's the point of letting go of the steering wheel when the steering wheel is really a fish?"

Chisholm is fantastic at creating atmosphere and the whole thing drips in it. From the freaky psychic radio to the weird transitions between nightmare and reality to the bizarre conversation of Leif, which means that you are never really sure what he is going to do next, all of it contributes to the eerie and psychologically unnerving vibe.

In addition, Chisholm is no stranger to the plot twist, which always expands on the story, but surprises you in its nature. You know something is going to happen, but you are never exactly sure what. Chisholm plays with expections, but maintains story flow and interest with his excellent sense of pacing and poised, witty writing.

My only criticism has to be the swear words. Not the amount of them, but the fact that they are all blanked out. I'm an adult and this is an adult comic. I already know the words and I don't get the logic that says I can handle people's faces being smashed in with a bat and truckload of corpses but I can't handle a few swear words.

Still it's a minor point and a personal thing, really. I have no hesitation recommending this comic to anyone that possesses a brain.


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