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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nobody Wants To Be A Sucker #2

via Dove&Snake by sdappleman on 9/6/09

Dove&Snake Issue No.2 Cover

Issue No.2 is finally available. We waited for Keegan Rider's Whata Cafe art show on September 3 to release it because Keegan agreed to make 15 copies into special editions, and also to let me set up shop at Caffe Luce for the evening. Last night was great. We sold a few zines (some folks even showed up specifically to pick up Dove&Snake No.2), hung out with John and Andrew of Reflective Collective (and the RC wives, Emily and Sara), drank some coffee, listened to shoegaze, heard a couple of girls read poetry*, and didn't clear out before we heard a little guitar-backed hip hop.

It was the first time we sold copies of D&S at a public event, and even folks who didn't buy a copy saw the sign (or the shirts) or leafed through a copy of either No.1 or No.2. We'd like to thank Keegan for letting us be a part of his exhibit.


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