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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somnambulist #14


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Today I went to down to the UPS store on Hawthorne and made forty copies of my latest zine. I've been going to this particular store for almost three years and they know me by name. UPS offers a great deal on copies if you buy one thousand copies. I exactly used up my last copy card today. It was kind of sad- that's probably the last time I'll see those nice folks at the store. Tomorrow I'm dropping off the latest copies of Somnambulist number Fourteen at Powell's and Reading Frenzy. And there you go Portland!! I'm off to California but hopefully I'll be able to keep Somnambulist stocked- long distance.
If you want to make sure you always get your copy of Somnambulist, sign up for a subscription! Fifteen dollars gets you four issues and a bonus issue of either number nine with a wonderful cover designed by Aron Nels Steinke or my Hip Hop book about the wonderful world of Portland Hip Hop.


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