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Monday, July 6, 2009

Beyer Jr., David


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Casual Sex

What goes through the head of a single guy who spends a good chunk of his day wandering around a college town?  Isn't it obvious?  This is a fairly cute (although not too cute)  example of a day in the life of such a man, from waking up thinking about sex to going to work and thinking about sex (until some fat guy orders a hamburger) to wandering around town thinking about sex to going to a bar at the end of the day and trying to find somebody to actually have sex with.  I don't think there's even a four word sentence in this whole mini but really, how many words do you need to get this point across?  His obvious crudity gets his easily rejected at the bar until he finally, drunkenly gets somebody to take him up on his offer… and gets a lot more than he bargained for.  Mark got the idea for the story, not surprisingly, just walking around Milwaukee, but I did find it interesting that this took a year and a half to put together after he got the initial concept.  Anyway, it was a fun little romp with a mildly disturbing ending, just about all you could ask for out of casual sex.  No price, but… $3?


Worthless Comix #6

Six years or so of doing this website, and I still love the random submissions. This one from David is a bit of a mixed bag, but there's still more then enough good stuff in here to recommend it. It starts off slowly (and a bit awkwardly, frankly) as it goes back and forth between talking about his old girlfriend, why they broke up, and then throwing in a scene where they were still dating. It picks up in the second half of the book where he has short pieces dealing with an awful job, dangerous questions, why it's worthwhile to go to jail, an itchy monkey, the dull adventures of the invisible man, and fish thoughts. The art varies wildly throughout the book, ranging from sloppy sketchbook stuff to clean, thick black lines, and even the darkness of the copied pages varies a bit. Still, there's plenty of interesting thinking going on here as well as a few genuinely funny pieces, which is what still qualifies to me as a good mini comic. No price tag here, but what with the color covers and all I'd guess $3.

Clearance Items Only

More randomness from David, as this issue is a collection of "clearance items", invented or seen as he was walking along, who knows? Items in here include a used dildo, a dinosaur bone, cynicism, a used birthday candle, and many other fabulous items. It's done in a loose sketchbook style, so if you like your art neat and perfect your delicate sensibilities may be offended. It's a funny mini though, and what more can you ask for from the shorties like this? $1


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