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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drawing 2 out of the 44


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via Ink Stained Hands by Bill Donovan on 7/6/09

drawing 2 out of the 44.

"Man in a bag" 8x10" on Strathmore 400 series drawing paper medium, 80lbs, which is basically light drawing paper with a little bit of tooth. I am drawing with a Faber Castell "Perfect Pencil" which I received as a gift for my birthday from Laurie.

I am drawing on a little drawing platform purchased from Ikea for maybe 11 dollars. It raises the drawing on an angle so that it is more comfortable to draw, and you won't get the distortion that happens when drawing on a flat surface.

For these drawings I am trusting my unconscious mind, and not planning anything except that they will fit on the paper, and probably be a "head/face." Once the basic head emerges, then I am "polishing" it by creating very gentle gradations by being very careful and gentle when shading.


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