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Saturday, July 4, 2009

BugPowder Weblog : July 2, 2009


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via BugPowder Weblog on 7/2/09

  • A while back I ran some links to the work of John Miller on here. Adam (aka A.J.) Smith,

    "the post you refer to is in fact advertising issue 18 of The Glasgow-based minicomic Khaki Shorts, which I co-founded in 1999. John Miller has been contributing to Khaki Shorts since issue 7 in 2005, and has had at least one strip in every issue since."

    When I wrote the piece I confused Electric Sheep with "the 1989-92 Scottish humour comic, which John never contributed to", Electric Soup

    So how does this all tie together into a news story and not just an embarrassing journalist's muddle?

    John Miller, Adam Smith and Rob Miller (no relation) will be doing a signing in Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh This Saturday, July the 4th. They'll be promoting Khaki Shorts and 2 of John's recent mini-compilations of comics "Secret Agent" and "Super Tales". The signing is scheduled for 1pm

    I met the legendary John Miller years ago at Deadhead Comics, which has a nice old shoppe alternative feel to it, like some precious vinyl collection find location. So if you're in the area, its a recommended WIN.


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