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Thursday, July 30, 2009



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It's a shitburg crap palace out there, economically-speaking. The bad news is that a lot of artists (well, a lot of everyone) are having a rought time. When some spare dollars are scrounged up, now is an especially important time to:

1) support cartoonists/artists directly, vote-of-confidence/18th century patronage style!
2) and in the process land some really fresh and not-oft-available originals from hot-ass "up-&-comers".

Anyway, here is a quick collection of friends/folks that are selling originals or doing commissions that you might want to hook up with. If you've got anything to add to the list, lemme know!


+ Laura Park

Laura is offering original art in Color or Black & White on commission via her flickr (which features the first handful of pieces she's done). No information on rates posted. [details]

+ Angie Wang

Not sure how crazy active she is on this tip, but I saw a few commission pieces for print publications (Time Out Singapore) on her blog and a well-funded Sandman fanatic who commissioned the above piece. No information on rates, but in the word's of the merchant dude in Resident Evil 4: "ooooh I'd buy it at a HIGH priceeee!" [details]

+ Hellen Jo

As part of the launch of her new Etsy shop (more on this forthcoming from Hellen), Hellen is doing commission artwork for personal "use". We're talking lush watercolors here, in two size options: 5"x7" ($65) and 11"x17" ($150). She will draw whatever you want, I recommend something with babes and monsters. [details]

+ Johnny Ryan

The first person I ever commissioned original art from, Johnny is a workhorse with impeccable skills and flexibility. In addition to the piece for me above ("The shark monster from Junji It's Gyo eating me."), I've commissioned him to do pieces for Alice's birthday and Evan's birthday. $100 for a custom 6"x8" black and white piece [details].

+ Michael DeForge

Homey is selling original drawings via his Livejournal, with a promise of extra goodies thrown in (in proportion to how long it takes him to send the art). I was able to nab an original drawing for $30-- a STEAL! Wait, they might be all sold out? [details].

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