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Monday, July 27, 2009

Baker, Nathaniel & Lopez, Lee Roy


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Not really their website

Their website, which doesn't load as of 7/7/09


Into the Dark: Ashcan edition

I'm posting two websites above (one which doesn't work and one which just has a basic description of their company and what they hope to accomplish) because one of them is bound to work soon.  I mean, these people only got started at SPACE 2009, I can't see why they would give up so soon.  Yes, I am the eternal optimist.  Also, if you're doing an ashcan, put some freaking contact information in your book!  That's true of all mini comics, granted, but the whole point of ashcans is to get the word out about your comics.  That's tough to do if people can't find you.  All of this is an unwelcome distraction from the comic, which showed a lot of promise.  This is the story of a man who is failing at his job and with his marriage, and seems to be failing with his daughter as well.  Things come to a head, he passes out and wakes up in an asylum with no memory of how he got there or where exactly he was.  The rest of this shortie shows this man trying to come to grips with his situation while also dealing with some pretty horrific monsters that seem to pop up from time to time.  Yes, all kinds of things are still vague, which is fine because this is just an ashcan.  All it was supposed to do was to get the reader excited to see an actual comic with this subject, and they succeeded in that goal.  Granted, the fact that they don't have a working website 3 months after SPACE isn't a good sign, and it's entirely possible that they've given up on comics already.  Still, this issue tells me that they deserve the benefit of the doubt, even if they did screw up by not having any sort of available access to their work online, not even a lousy e-mail address.  That being the case, I have no idea of price, but it's a black and white mini, so let's call it $1.



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