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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hummus is just fun to say


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Well.. another 80 degree day in Anchorage. Which is like 110 for anyone living down south. We were all pretty miserable. More so because I gave one of our fans to my dad so he could be less miserable with the heat yesterday. But we made it. Complaining the entire time in my case.
(what happened to the last fan I gave him? Easy. He lent it to Lamar last year and hasn't gotten it back. So as soon as summer is over and they hit rock bottom again, I'm buying a few for next year.)

Tonight for dinner, because I wasn't starting the oven for anything, we had a nice light meal of hummus wraps with tomatoes, cukes and feta. Yum yum. I made enough hummus I have extra for lunch tomorrow. I can dip carrot sticks into it.
After dinner, we had smoothies. So I'm all full of vitamin C.

As promised, here's the picture of my Uncle Lamar.

He's 66. I keep thinking, looking at him and dad.. 66 looks a lot different then it did when I was a kid. I don't think I knew any senior citizens who rode motorcycles. Now I know a bunch of them. His laugh sounds like he looks. It's a happy belly laugh that's completely infectious and not mocking or hurtful. Well.. that's pretty much him. He's so good. He doesn't really know how good he is which is a shame, but I love him so much. He's the biggest reason I work so hard on tasty sugar free treats like the chocolate cream pie with a cookie crust and the banana bread.
Today we did nothing. I had vague plans of walking up to the gym or just walking, but in the end, the heat and humidity beat me. Too Alaskan for our gorgeous summers I guess.


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