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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Came Out to My Parents Today.


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Today at 7pm whilst my sister, my Mum & I were talking, I held up a piece of paper in their direction that said:

"I am gay. True story."

I'd rather had said it, but I just couldn't bring myself to. My Mum stared at it for a minute then said: "so?" & my sister smiled and said: "okay, I'm not bothered". Then they made (well-meaning) jokes at my expense for the next few minutes - asking why I didn't dress better, for instance!

Anyway, my Mother said that my Dad wouldn't care...but that if I wanted to - she could tell him, because she could understand how it might be embarrassing for me. We joked that my Dad is more stereotypically 'gay' than I am (he likes musicals, etcetera).

Then my mother wrote on a piece of paper (whilst chuckling):

"I'm not gay! (But I am happy). True story."

and we all laughed, then my sister wrote on a piece of paper:

"I'm not gay or straight 'cause I've got better stuff to do. True story."

I'm so pleased that they have accepted me for who I am, I am so lucky to have a lovely family & even though it's taken me almost two years to let them know - it's totally worth it.


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