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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guitar Wolf covers


via KURUTTA by zytroop on 7/22/09

Ooooops, I forgot I have a blog. More music covers, now from the world's greatest jet rock 'n' rollllllllllllllllllllllllll band Guitar Wolf. They used to have radical covers drenched in sweat and leather, now their covers are pretty boring...

"Somethin' Else", 1995. "LIVE!", 2000. "Kung Fu Ramone", 1994.

"Wolf Rock!", 1993.

"Wild Zero Original Soundtrack", 1999. "Kaminari One", 1998.

"Planet of the Wolves", 1997.

"Run Wolf Run", 1994. "Missile Me", 1995.

"Jet Generation", 1999.

"Murder by Rock", 1999. "Golden Black", 2005.

"Love Rock", 2004. "UFO Romantics", 2002. "Mars Twist", 2007.

BONUS! Here's a video of them Preforming JET GENERATION in Stockolm 11 July 2007.



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