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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Milky Way Shuffle by Chris Eliopoulos!


Sent to you by Jack via Google Reader:



Hey dudes, Elio has a new zine for sale and is apparently too bashful
to post it here! So - MILKY WAY SHUFFLE!
"36 pages, 4.5'' x 5.5'', b/w interior, glossy color cover.
Self published and Printed, July 09.
Tonight is Berwyn's first "cool kid party". With his spray on
deodorant and pimple cream, our favorite nerd is ready to boogie. But
when a UFO suddenly crashes the party and snatches the Earth girls,
it's up to Berwyn to get them back!
Bonus material includes: Instructions on how to do the Milky Way
Shuffle, the latest dance craze straight from Jupiter! And an original
sketch by Elio, just for you!
Visit www.eliohouse.com to order!"

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