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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dungeon Degenerates


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I'm working on a new series called Dungeon Degenerates. I'm using monsters from Dungeons & Dragons & similar games. Somewhat in relation to my previous post about maintaining the funk & fuzziness & mystery in our cultural output, i am so bored by the current style (which has really been going for almost 20 years or so) of Dungeons & Dragons art. Even when they were still using actual paint as opposed to photoshop to render these worlds, there has been a decidedly inhuman, overly-rendered, muted color, overly distorted & over-all gay feeling to all of it. While i think i like Arthur Rakham's work & even the work of his copiers like Brian Froud, within his style are the seeds of this infestation. The seeds of nutlessness. If you want to see an ideal form of RPG art, check out Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader, 1st Edition.

The grell levitates through the dank corridors of the dungeon hoping to paralyze its prey with the poisonous spines on its ten tentacles. The Grell's powerful beak can crack open its victim's skull so that it may feast on brains.
Grell They enjoy above all else, a potion made from crack & LSD.

A batrachian race of bipedal monsters which inhabit wet places - rainy forests, marshes, damp caves or virtually any other place which is shady or dark and has water nearby, for bullywugs need to dampen their skins from time to time.
Bullywog The Bullywog is the favorite food of the Umber Hulk.


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