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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Cross Hatch Dispatch 7/1/09


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[Above, Mara Lander's line-up. Below, the Dispatch's.]

  • Rob Clough does a round-up of sweet mini comics he scooped at Forbidden Planet NYC. 
  • Jaime Hernandez will be participating in Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) fundraising at Comic Con with an autograph card and original art auction. (ComicList) 
  • Indie comic artist, confection aficionado and all-around awesome chick Mara Lander has posted some new projects on her blog, Cakes and Comics and Cartwheels. 
  • Christopher Irving and Seth Kushner's Graphic NYC profiles a Crosshatch favorite, artist Molly Crabapple. 
  • If you're not being patriotic this weekend and/or are European, Dublin, Ireland is hosting Summer Edition 2009, an artists' book, comic and zine fair. 
  • Also this week, July 3 marks a release party in White River Junction, VT at Revolution for new books by Colleen Frakes, Denis St. John, Morgan Pielli and Jen Vaughn. 
  • Comics for Serious is a blog covering comic news and reviews ranging from indie to mainstream - and it's written by some seriously serious comic-reading folk. 
  • Helloooo Harvey Awards! The full list of nominees have been announced, including Zuda's High Moon for Best New Series AND Best On-Line Comics Work, Top Shelf's Too Cool to Be Forgotten for Best Graphic Album, and Jay Lynch for Mineshaft as Best Cover Artist. 

- Adri Cowan


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