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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Somnambulist Zine


via Somnambulist Zine by martha grover on 4/6/08
Somnambulist #9: A nicely organized perzine from Portland. Naturally, each
story found here draws directly from the personal experiences of its
respective authors, but does so in a fresh and inventive way. Publisher
Martha Grover provides most of the material and uses her cheese-selling
grocery gig as a basis for her work. Grover's an ace in creative writing
and her use of visuals is stunning. If you like introspective literature
you should check this out. [:25] –Chris Manic •••SECOND OPINION: Stories
about going to the doctor and the dentist, if evolution works so well why
are there still ugly people, a conversation with Peter Bauer (who opted
for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle), and a couple others. Mildly
entertaining. Martha Grover, PO Box 14871, Portland OR 97293,
marthagrover@hotmail.com [$3, $12 for 4 32S :20] –P.5!


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