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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


via Reed Space (New York) by noreply@blogger.com (reed space) on 5/28/08
The day before his wedding, Sean Bell was shot and killed by the New York Police Department in a barrage of 51 bullets. Although the five murderers have admitted to slaying the unarmed Bell, they remain free and acquitted of all counts.

Colin of Mr. Matsui Design responds to this unpunished killing with this provacative zine documenting and commentating on this story of politics, corruption, and murder. Each zine was personally shot fifty one times with .40 caliber and 9MM handguns, respectively. The package includes the zine, stickers, and gun shells.

38 Pages, 11 x 17 in, b/w Photocopy, Edition of 50, 2008.
Shot in Harrisburg, PA.
For questions or comments email: seanbellzine@gmail.com

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