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Monday, May 12, 2008


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Thrasher Magazine / October 2007

Hamburger Eyes, the music issue
Holy smokes, this is a visual treat for any music fan. This is a kick ass zine that’s more like a small book of photos having to do with music: bands, fans, musicians, street scenes with music, etc. There’s a ton of bands you’ll recognize, from punk to psychedelic to reggae to snake handlers to hip hop. Some of the best stuff is the stuff that’s more about the experience: fans at a show, a slam pit, live shots. The photographers are an amazing collection (especially Charles Peterson and Mark Murrman), and you’ll recognize some of the subjects: Chilly Childish, Poison Ivy, Grace Jones, Johnny Rotten, Misfits, Lee Perry, Blondie. Show some class when offering your guests a spot on the porcelain throne by prominently displaying this item. Send $8 to PO Box 420546, San Francisco, CA 94142

LSP, #6
This is big sized… but still fucked up and photocopied. Using 11 X 17” paper will get you more space for not that much money, kids… This one is out of somewhere in Colorado, but hell if I know where because there is no return address in the zine. (Put your address in your zine, otherwise if people find one or read about it here they won’t be able to get another. Duh.) It’s got a review of an Unseen show, quick features on some local talent, Elevation skatepark article, a Lakai demo, and some view of some Colorado, Vegas, and NM parks. The photo repro isn’t too bad, and the writing is informative if a little sparse. Like I said, no address...

Happen, Vol 4 #31
What’s happenin’? Nope, not the ’70s era
sitcom that once featured the Doobie Brothers, but Happen, the only
Indonesian skate mag that matters (their motto: exist or dead). They stepped it up with color cover, a few color pages on the inside, and some sequences. It’s got street oriented content, but there’s some funny stuff and a tribute to the Taman Lalu Lintas crew. It’s mostly in Indonesian, with some mangled English in there (but not too bad!).
If you wanted to know what’s going on in
the archipelago: Happenmag@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

I Can’t Smell My Dinner, #4
Hmm… I can’t smell the narrative thread in this one… because there isn’t one! It’s a collection of random photos of all kinds of skating (pools, parks, street, ditches) with some surfing thrown in for good measure (Yeah bra! Green room!). There’s little writing to analyze so it’s more of the I-gotta-take-a-quick-
shit-and-need-something-to-look-at thing. Send a buck or two to 22060 Hutchinson Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033

Moped to South America
This is less a ’zine, and more a coffee table photo book about riding mopeds—the pedal-and-go scooters of past decades (maybe they still make ’em, dunno). It’s like Che’s “Motorcycle Diaries” but on way smaller bikes. Not really; it’s a collection of photos from various moped trips, including to the tip of Chile, which is pretty nutso without some fallback cash. Ever see the Russ Meyer film Motorpsycho? The plot’s ridiculous, but it’s a rad movie. The villains on the motorcycles are riding these little scooter things, probably because of budget restraints, but they do gnarly shit and rape and kill. It’s funny and twisted at the same time. It’s like they are riding the opposite of what a tough villain would ride: a moped. From the photos I can tell these guys aren’t tough villains. Some of the photos in the book are quite good, some are a little indulgent; but what have you been doing lately? Check Mopedtosouthamerica.com; it’s the new internet sensation

Publick Occurances, #9
This is a quick little look. It’s a small sized collection of drawing based on an Alabama 6th grade yearbook from 1986… Ok, a little conceptual, but the drawings are great, sort of in the vein of the Friedman brothers but without the pointillism. And it’s wrapped in a cool silk screened cover. Send $2, stamps, or a trade to
746 E 5th ST #23, Tucson, AZ 85719

The Journal, #20
This one has gone from a pretty serious skate and snowbruce ’zine to a coffee table book virtually devoid of actual ripping.
It’s like one step removed from skating, as it has a ton of stuff that skaters like besides actually skating (although that’s, uh, kinda important). There are tons of arty photos, the ads are somewhat fashionable and of the variety you’d find in Vice, and lo and behold, to complete the circle, it’s got an interview with the guy Vice fawns over, Richard Kern, with a few of his photos. Check out the web for more info on this thing.

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