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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bony Landmarks #3

Bony Landmarks
A Zine of True Adventure and Cultural Landmarks:
40 Pages, Digest

It took a minute to get my bearings. The way it's layed out and with references to signage, I was expecting something da da-esque; but, this eclectic collection of prose, comics, and poems is like a friendly literary journal. The editor starts with a fun, interesting piece about rare books and the American literary pirate, Thomas B.Mosher. Jennifer Gomoll Popolis has a piece titled, "A Story about Springfield Which is More Accurate than the Piece of Crap Travel Article I sold to an Online Content Mill for Five Dollars." And there's more good writing interspersed with lots of cool comics.

Andrew Coltrin
c/o Look for Signage,
PO Box 42181,
Tucson AZ 85733-2181
look_for_singage at yahoo.com

this review first appeared in Zine World

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