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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Howard Zinn’s New Graphic Novel

Okay, I've been buried beneath a landslide of amazing new (and old) graphic novels lately, so in the process of digging myself out I think I'll post some reactions. First up: Howard Zinn's latest book, A People's History of American Empire.

People's History... Book Cover This book takes the form of a long, wide-ranging address given by a cartoon-version of Zinn. He looks back on United States history, starting with Wounded Knee and moving forward towards the present. Zinn reviews his experience as a bombardier in World War II, and then as an academic in the Vietnam era and the Civil Rights movement, illustrating each era with relevant historical adventures from around the world.

At first, the cartoon lecturer Zinn came across to me as an artist's cop-out, a talking head for passages where the artists couldn't come up with any meaningful artwork. However, as I read further into the book, (more…)

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