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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moustache Not Included

via 3:AM Magazine by 3AM on 4/27/08


From our friends at The Aquarium L-13:

This strictly limited edition overalls set is the first in a new line of clothing by Britain's best loved artist [and writer] Billy Childish.

Handmade by British craftsmen and craftswomen, these overalls are based 1912 Royal Flying Corp mechanics overalls.

The same overalls were also worn by tank crews in the Great War……. and now by people fighting for art.

Each set is hand stencilled and stamped by the artist and comes with a
stencilled and stamped vest
a stamped neckerchief
and a
signed and numbered art print of the advert (pictured above)
Edition of only 20 sets

Click here for more info.

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