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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guild Works Productions Announces Psychosis! #3


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via Dimestore Productions on 4/2/08

April, 2008 Committed to the FEARS within! The third issue of Guild Works Productions' critically acclaimed horror anthology, Psychosis!, is more about the psychological aspects of what makes us afraid, than of the incident itself. Like the ones that preceded it, this issue promises some spine-breaking suspense. Psychosis! #3 ships with a special flip cover painted by Ed Traquino and a flip-cover by Shawnti Therrien. Priced at $5.95 for 56 pulse-pounding pages of chills and thrills. Psychosis! is a mature readers title, and is appropriately labeled on each cover. The stories this time out include; Committed by Gabriel Moore-Topazio and art by Ven Yann, the return of Bob Sodaro's Wülf Girlz in How Deep in the Wood with art by Matt C. Ryan. Then there is the dust-bowel western, Already Lost, by Ed Pereira and Ed Traquino; The Adversary, by James Webb; and a crime-noir horror, Fair Exchange, by David MacNiven and Rich Terdoslavich; and on the flip-side of this book is Shawnti Therrien's on-going vampire story, Meth: A Reason to Live. In glorious black and white, Psychosis! is a collection of horrors where the main theme is an edgy, modern-day, relevant look at the fears of the 21st Century. The contributors to Psychosis! #3 hail from varied backgrounds and are a true mix of established comicbook professionals and enthusiastic, younger talent intent on cutting their teeth with powerful themes. GWP's titles are not only sold through local area comic shops, like Midtown Comics in NYC, but are available over the web directly from GWP for direct solicitation. With an expanding national network of creators, and GWP as a means to publish them, we are ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace. For more information or additional background material about GWP Please contact Robert J. Sodaro, Director of Communications at rjsodaro@optonline.net. # # # GWP will be at the NY Comic Con, April 18–20, 2008. The show is located at the Jacob Javits Center (655 West 34th Street — New York, NY 10001).


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