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Friday, December 11, 2009

Zine Review- Imaginary Homework


via Somnambulist Zine by noreply@blogger.com (martha grover) on 11/20/09

Zine Review: Imaginary Homework

I'm not sure when or where I picked up this comic/zine by Theo Ellsworth. I have a couple of Theo's comics and I've always really enjoyed his artwork and whimsical sensibility. This one is called "Imaginary Homework" and includes a lot of funny, oddly inspiring "assignments."
For example, "Top Secret Blink Project- Every time you blink, you are taking a tiny, barely perceivable break from the world. Please pretend that it is possible to start a top secret project inside of your subconscious that you are able to work on for a split second every time you blink."
I don't know how long Theo worked on this project but his drawings and prose reveal a specific way of looking at the world, a playful, endearing one. If I were to write something like this it would take me forever to come up with all these creative ideas. Although I guess that's the point- to get you to stop and use your poor neglected imagination.
You can visit Theo's website: www.artcapacity.com
PS: Sorry about the crappy photo- this comic has a beautiful gold and orange cover and great artwork inside.


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