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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guest Strip: Ted Raskol and John McNamee


via The Daily Cross Hatch by smorean on 12/25/09

battle1John McNamee and Ted Raskol get together three times a week to draw jam comics. The comics are always four panels long, but they alternate who starts each one.  What goes on from start to finish  is completely improvised from panel to panel.  Their strips are posted on the website Digestive Comics.

McNamee's webcomic Pie updates thrice weekly.  He has drawn over 660 strips so far and shows no sign of stopping. He has been published in three issues of Pulse Comic Zine and has self-published two compilations of Pie. He recently lent his drawing skills for Duck Tales from the Crypt in Big Planet's November newsletter.

Raskol authors Raskol Political Cartoons, which updates daily. He has been published in Pulse Comic Zine and finds that it's not so hard to draw a daily cartoon, as long as you're willing to cut all the people you care about out of your life. His political drawings lean to the left of the political spectrum, but have a streak of independence when it comes to the economic issues.

McNamee and Raskol met while publishing daily comic strips at The Cavalier Daily, which is an independent and self-sustaining newspaper published by students at the University of Virginia (both were graduates of the class of 2007).  McNamee  has had a table at the last two Small Pres Expos, while Raskol visited to mill about for awhile. By next year's SPX, they plan to publish a compilation of Digestive Comics.


- Sarah Morean


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