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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Greenwoman v. 3


via The Zine Collection by Matthew Moyer on 12/15/09

Greenwoman v. 3
by Sandra Knauf

Though older zine mavens long for the days when zines were all about punk bands with unreadable spiky logos and calling out Steve Albini for being a jerk, I'm really digging newer zines that are as awash in earnest enthusiasm for their chosen subject as they are intent on, well, teaching you something. Few strike this balance as enjoyably as Greenwoman.  Sandra Knauf, a mother and gardening enthusiast, started Greenwoman as a blind leap of faith into self-publishing, collecting all of her various environmental-themed enthusiasms into a series of info-packed and charmingly illustrated booklets. Bound with twine, naturally.

This issue's theme is bees. Knauf tells a story about hanging out with a bunch of beekeepers to see a swarm up close and personal, dropsa all manner of bee-related trivia, shares some honey-based recipes and even reviews some movies about… yes… bees. It holds together much better than it reasonably should. The tone is easy and conversational, and you're left with the feeling that you really, really need to get outside more.  Which is the whole point, really. 


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