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Friday, December 11, 2009

Call for Entries: COMING CLEAN


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Call for Entries: COMING CLEAN (will be the theme of SYNDICATE PRODUCT #15)

Looking for stories AND comics.

After zines about the laundry (Laundry Basket), grocery shopping (12 Items or Less), and cooking (Potluck), this was inevitable. The next issue of SYNDICATE PRODUCT is all about cleaning... house cleaning, washing the car, even picking up the yard debris. (However, it's NOT about laundry, as that's already been done. It's also not about packratting, as that's also been done.)

A few possible ideas:
* apartment or house move in/out cleaning stories
* making your own eco-friendly cleaning products
* I hate to BLANK (dust, vacuum, clean the gutters)
* biggest cleaning disaster
* living with a hoarder or a neatnik
* the most disgusting abandoned item found in the back of the fridge or shoved in a cabinet
* what I learned about cleaning from my family/friends/ex
* my biggest cleaning challenge is BLANK

Writers: Between 300-500 words is a good size. Focus on quality, not quantity!

Comic artists: The zine will be Digest Sized. Final art size should reduce to 4.5 x 7.5 inches. You can have two pages, but this can be negotiated if needed. B&W only. Send art as 300dpi TIF files. Also, once entries are in, I may be looking for small illustrations to accompany some of the stories.

Contributors will receive a copy of the final project. (Which may actually be professionally printed this time...)

Due date and where to submit: DECEMBER 15, 2009. Submit your entries to syndprod [at] gmail [dot] com, either by simply pasting the text into an e-mail, or as an OpenOffice, MS Word, or plain text document. Electronic submission preferred. Also include contact information for a bio line, even if it is just an email address. (If you want to mail submissions, send me a msg through WMZ.)


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