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Friday, December 11, 2009

No Thoughts zines for free


via Blood of the Young Zine by trh_@hotmail.com (t reilly hodgson) on 11/13/09
Michael J. Demeo mailed over the new zines he and Alyssa Noches have out for free through their Portland based project - We Are Now In Space. There are still copies of issue 2 available, go to the website and they will mail you one.

Issue one contains photos by Michael Demeo. It's full of some good nudie pictures, but isn't available anymore. You guys slept on this one.

Issue two has photos from Demeo again as well as Alyssa Noches. The theme seems to be the same, but this time with little 'No Thoughts 2' logos scattered through out. I'm not sure why they're there.. probably so that when I post this it'll get drilled into your brain over and over again.

Get yours on the We Are Now In Space site.



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