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Saturday, December 5, 2009

ohh my goddddd againnn???


via ELECTRIC ANT ZINE BLOG on 11/21/09

sorry i just can't stop making stupid zines, i guess?? too bad for you assholes! ahahahahhaah!!!!
well anyway if you want to buy it you can here: http://www.michaelacolette.com/buy-something/ , and as per usual, ada books, armageddeon shop and when they reopen for winter, craftland. also i'll be at at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on Dec 5thhhhh which is a saturday. who else is going???? we can high five. i think jacob's coming too! we don't have a table. but james does! man i wish i had something way dirtier to blog about or something???!??!?! ohh shit i'm in this book go for the gold! 3 that meathaus is putting out. its a sketchbook anthology and ines is in it too! aaand i'm ina show/screenprinted book put together by jesjit gill in toronto with such classy fools as brother deforge, seripop, and a ton of other sick bastards.ahahahagfaaffafaf. LONG STORY SHORT we're having a classy brunch on sunday nov 22nd 11-3 so if you're in PVD come on thruuuuuu! oh hey great thanks!

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