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Saturday, December 26, 2009

An Unarthorized Review of “Synthesis Remembered”

An Unarthorized Review of “Synthesis Remembered”
4 pages, 5 x 6 

This is a mini-comic review of a book by a deceased religious scholar and Catholic priest named, Charles L. Moore. Aaron met Moore in a dream and later, while listening to late night AM radio, learned that Moore had passed away. This prompted Aaron to purchase a copy of Moore’s book. In his unique style, Aaron created this mini-comic using stick figures and cut-n-paste images to share his thoughts about the book (which he found “dreadful”) and to reveal portions of his own spiritual awakening. This little comic, much like the bulk of Aaron’s projects, was an enjoyable and insightful read. 


PO Box 24894
Detroit MI 48224

Review by Dan Murphy, publisher of The Juniper, and Elephant Mess. If you wish to swap zines with him, send them to: Dan Murphy, PO Box 363, Edwardsville IL 62025, http://juniperbug.blogspot.com

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