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Sunday, December 27, 2009

RAV 3 wants YOU


via ELECTRIC ANT ZINE BLOG on 12/27/09

oh shit! so i'm almost done with rav 3, i dunno how it happened, it all happened so fast! i didn't expect it to happen so fast. anyway, if you read rav 2 you may have noticed there was a letters column... you also may have noticed that letters column was fake. i was hoping that rav 3 would take longer to complete, and the fake letters column would have baited some actual letters. well! it didn't. partially because nobody writes letters anymore, but mostly because nobody actually cares about my comic. and i don't say this in a self-loathing, pity me sort of way... i say this in a hyper realistic, the numbers don't lie, in the grand scheme of things sort of way. well anyway, i was hoping some of you guys who read rav 2 would write me some more stupid bait letters so i can hook some real letters from actual strangers with rav 3? you can email them to me: michaelacolette (at) gmail (dawt) com
bonus points if you're an actual stranger.
also i attached some random out of order pages from rav 3!

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