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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some recent Click Clack Distro updates!


via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by NicoleIntrovert on 11/26/09
Some zines that are in stock with new descriptions! - http://www.clickclackdistro.com

Dimanche #8 - $2
Sabrina's great hybrid of food and perzine is back after over a year of hiatus. Several recipes for corn and zucchini are in this issue of Dimanche, as well as macaroons and vegan peanut butter fudge. A brief history of the pretzel as well as a South Jersey pretzel throw down to find the best pretzel in the area. There is also a macaroon throw down! Sabrina talks of her grandmother passing away and some of the recipes she had shared before her passing. A very great issue of Dimanche and helpful as well! I loved the tips for picking out the right ear of corn!

Ex Machina #1 - $2
Ex Machina #1 is a wonderful travel zine written during a summer of studying Spanish in Chile and Argentina. Dea speaks of the apartment where she stayed in Vina del Mar and how she explored the town from broken Spanish breakfast conversations with her hosts. She includes a brief history of Chile and the effects that Pinochet's regime had on the country. Activist art graces the walls of an empty prison called Ex-Carcel which inspires Dea to reflect on the prison system. A quick trip into Argentina tells a tale of tourism and Disneyland-esque landscapes vs. the poor and rugged neighborhoods surrounding the area in Buenos Aries.

Ex Machina #2 - $2
This issue of Ex Machina is subtitled "Live Free or Diner," compiling memories in the various diners Dea has visited. It starts with the hometown diner section paying homage to Westchester County, New York. All of the basic diner nostalgia is conjured up in this zine such as the late night travel plans sketched out on the table which never come to fruition, or the insomnia by fault of a bottomless coffee feverishly knitting a new creation. A brief history of the late night lunch wagon and a trip to Kate's Joint in NYC is nestled within the pages of Ex Machina #2. The musing "Home Fries" explains the nostalgia and comfort a good greasy spoon brunch will bring.

High On Burning Photographs #4 - $1
A great cut & paste style personal zine by Ocean in Pittsburgh. In High on Burning Photographs #4 Ocean pays a tribute to tough girls. She touches on her recent sobriety and how in a strange way she felt as if she was betraying her family because of their bonding while intoxicated. There is a bit on her job as a mailroom temp and how she now ensures to put something fun on her bills she pays via mail to give the mail clerk something to smile about. Ocean also tells a story about how an AIDS activist and the AIDS activism group ACT-UP made an impact on her life as an adolescent. In the 24 pages of this zine is great writing and tons of material. The epitome of a short zine boasting quality above quantity.


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