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Saturday, December 5, 2009




I checked out this zeen from my local zeen store as a pal and fellow zeen shop visitor described it as something they had to put down whilst reading "'cause it was too sad". The last zeen to fall into this sort of category, at least that I've heard of, was 7U's remarkable zeen consisting of his collection of lost pet posters. This zeen is a collection of final statements made by death row inmates just prior to their execution. It's prefaced by the zeen's compiler w/ an attempt to state their view on the morality of the death penalty. It creates a political context for the body of the zeen, and an emphasis on the victim of the crime in the debate, rather than the person being executed by the state that may or may not have committed the crime. The thread throughout the statements in the body of the zeen is protests of innocence. My reaction was not a too-sad-to-put-down one, but neither was this my reaction to the lost pet posters zeen. This was less emotionally manipulative than a bunch of missing pets. This was a murky, murky quagmire of politics & moral in zeen form. Considering the issue the zeen's trying to address that's hardly surprising, but I don't think the preface made anything clearer , it only added to the murk. If this zeen was just these statements without the editorial I think it could have been more accessible & enjoyable as a zeen, but that may have detracted from the zeen's potential to rally interest in a cause, which may have been why it was primarily produced. A5 Portrait format, B&W skin & guts, staple bound. $1.50 @ Format Zeen Shop in Adelaide, South Australia or online @ buttonbrat.com


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