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Friday, December 11, 2009

books / fast fictions


via DISTRO by ashleigh@qlp.ca (Ashleigh Rajala) on 7/4/09

For three years, Kevin Spenst has been writing a short story every day. These are a few of his favourites. These "simple yet strange... tales of the sad & beautiful" are a wonderfully eclectic collection of microfictions featuring characters as quirky as a coffee bean and as profound as two men walking around the world, one heading west, one heading east, who meet in the middle.

Excerpt from "Falling Out Freestyle":

Last Tuesday morning at around seven, Paul Walden found himself falling down the side of a building. He screamed and flailed all four limbs until he exhausted himself. He looked down and saw nothing but fog that was as distant as the clouds overhead. He opened his mouth to scream again but thought better. How would screaming help anything? He wondered what position to take. Should he curl up into a ball or flatten himself out into a pancake?

$7 / lit book / paperback, 4" X 6.75" / 46 pages / 2007
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