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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stafford, Tyler


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Folk #2

What a fabulously inventive comic.  First off, let's take a second to unpack that cover.  There's a creature with one hand cut off sitting next to a chest (with the key sitting next to it) and a self-help book.  He's watching what appears to be a miniature city coming from a larger city, or perhaps a ship.  Behind this creature is what appears to be a crying tree with something that looks like snails for brains and a happier puffy creature that's looking over everything from behind a brick wall.  It doesn't hurt a thing to be this impressed before you even crack open the comic.  Inside it only gets better, as Tyler tells two stories.  One is about another creature (no humans to be found here) and his pet, as they find a deer-like creature, wound it and attempt to hunt it down.  The creature runs into a more benevolent creature who decides that the hunter needs to know what it's like to be the hunted, and hilarity ensues when he runs into his pet.  The last story sounds simple, at least until you get lost in the visuals.  A ship is almost out of fuel and lands on a planet with a healthy fuel source.  They refuel and eventually fly away.  See there, how I can make the most impressive things sounds boring?  The ship is comprised of a number of crystals, all seemingly able to move independently, and they have a complex mechanism for gathering the fuel rings from the planet.  Tyler even draws the intro to start his comic, the bit where he gives all his contact info and explains that although he wanted his book to come out earlier, he wanted to take his time to make a better book.  I have no idea what it would have looked like if he'd rushed, but it sure looks like he made the right call.  If you go to his website you'll see that he already has more than a few minis under his belt, and this sure looks to me like the work of somebody who is putting it all together.  Seek out this book if you're looking for something different, you won't be disappointed.  $2.50



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