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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Secrets


Sent to you by Jack via Google Reader:


via PostSecret by postsecret on 6/28/09

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

-----Email Message-----


I noticed a woman had written a postcard on your site today about post partum depression. I wanted to extend to her and any other woman suffering our resource 1-800-PPD-MOMS.

There she can find comfort in the referral to a mom in her area who has also suffered from the effects of PPD/PPP; received the help she needed; and then gone on to get peer counselor training to offer help and hope to other moms who may be suffering in silence.

My heart goes out to her and as you know Kristin [my wife] died by suicide as a result of poorly treated post partum depression which turned into post partum psychosis. I started the Kristin Brooks Hope Center [1-800-SUICIDE] to help moms, and others, suffering as Kristin did.


-----Email Message---

Dear Frank,

I almost forgot that I sent that secret before I deployed to Iraq again.  I ended up telling them the real reasons, but all they really cared about in the end was I came back safe and sound.


PostSecret Community

-----Email Message-----
One week I missed church when I stopped to help a hurt cyclist.

(Via Livejournal)
Hopefully you won't get those two mixed up!

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Someone to hear them is just as necessary.


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