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Thursday, June 25, 2009

SvartKonst #1- Out now, into the void


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I think I posted some of the drawings I sent off to Oscar Pastarus a while back for his new zine series.
Just got the word that it's out now and can be purchased Here

It looks pretty cool. I think I'm getting comped a couple of copies, so maybe I'll offer up some real thoughts on it when I get them. I can say now though, that having been in print only a few times, it's still strange to me to see my work presented in such a way. It's sort of a thrill, but it's also jarring in a way, like a minor tear in the fabric of reality has transported the inky paper from my drawing table to some other dimension..


On a similar note, I just received a thick envelope in the mail from the guys at La Centrale , full of screenprints of drawings I sent them months and months ago. I nearly forgot about the whole thing. They are pretty modest, in terms of size and production, which I think fits the images very well.


As my work gets out there a bit more, even in modest venues, I'm having to think more and more about what I hope to present to "the world"; I'm forced to regard this giant abstraction that involves unknown peoples' perceptions , my motives, etc., etc.
It's a whole ball of nothing in particular, so I'm just sort of rolling with things, keeping with known quantities, like how I feel about whatever it is I'm doing, the daily practice of trying to plug myself into the drawing table and how it all jibes with the realities of my life as it's lived, rather than getting too hung up on the unknowable aspects of some kind of shadow media world; that dimension where these things I do move along to after they leave my table and my real world.

The two prints, for instance, compared with my stuff in the zine; I'm not sure if people would recognize them as being by the same person- they have very different feels to me - but all I can do is accept them for what they are and move on. It's silly to feel forced to decide upon one single approach if you view art and drawing as primarily being about something simple: it's something you do to help lead a more meaningful life, a lens to interpret the world, or the means toward personal edification. With this in mind, the process itself becomes the end.


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