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Saturday, June 27, 2009

In My Mailbox 6-27-09


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Good morning alt.zines,

I suppose I should start cross-posting these to things like wemakezines etc but I am lazy. For a while I kept coming to alt.zines because I liked newsgroups better than web forums etc, but now, in all honesty, it's mostly laziness. If there was one mecca-like place where every zine person in the universe congragated I might make the effort to switch over, but signing up for fifteen places is a drag. And also I find I have less to say about zines these days. I still put mine out and still enjoy trades etc but I have less drive to discuss anything. Not that I was ever a Deep Zine Thought kind of fellow to begin with.


Anyway, we have our first sunny day in Hoboken in 56 years, and a few days ago I actually wandered to my PO Box. Hurrah! Zines in the mail:

- Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! #11 ($3, William P. Tandy, Eight Stone Press, POB 11064, Baltimore, MD 21212; www.eightstonepress.com) Another thick, well-made issue from the 8SP folks, a powerhouse of DIY publishing. Always happy to see a new one of these in my box.

- Going Postal #2 (trade/donation, Kris & Lola, Calle Obispo 4B, Plasencia 10600, Caceres, Spain) Full-sized collection of new and reprinted writing about zines, mail art, and other stuff. Favorite thing: A small piece of Kris' favorite old wool sweater, now too dilapidated to wear, pasted onto a page with a brief history of the sweater above.

- .zap!! #6 (no price listed, Heath Row, 101 Russell St. #4R, Brooklyn, NY 11234-0241) I had to sit this one out due to crushing laziness and bad time management, but Heath was kind enough to send me a comp anyway, thank goodness. Loosely the alt.zines APA, this is a fascinating ongoing venture and I'm looking forward to taking part again in the future!

That was it for zines. I also got a letter and some monies, so overall a gangbuster of a day at the POB. Hope everyone is rockin'.


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