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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Cross Hatch Dispatch 6/22/09


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[Above, Laura Park begs, because barrels aren't free, you know. Below, discount Dispatch.]

  • Phil McAndrew says that old, wrinkly people are probably his favorite thing to draw.  Perhaps you feel the same.  He's come up with a contest: draw yourself at age 100.  The winner will receive a fantastic art-filled package.  Entries are due by this Friday, June 26.
  • Meanwhile, Nedroid Comics has launched "The Great Cosby Experiment 09."  Contestants are to submit a drawing of Bill Cosby—also by this Friday.
  • Prefer to buy drawings instead of creating them?  You're in luck: for a limited time (i.e. as long as she's broke) talented cartoonist Laura Park is currently available for commissioned work—time to buy your girlfriend a whimsical portrait of the two of you.
  • For more Laura Park art, you can also nab one of her minicomics.
  • What's more romantic than comics?  Cartoonists Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing got hitched this spring, thus exponentially increasing their artistic powers.
  • The Comics Reporter just published an extensive and fantastic interview with Minneapolis cartoonist Kevin Cannon, and explained the confusion surrounding Kevin and Zander Cannon—frequent collaborators, but no relation.
  • This Tuesday, June 23, at 8 PM, Jessica Abel and Tom Hart be appearing at the Pit in Brooklyn, as part of the ongoing Comic Book Club series. Tickets ($5) are available online.
  • This Wednesday, also in New York, artist Steve Dillon will be signing and selling comics for the benefit of Heroes Initiative, a charity for needy cartoonists.
  • He's played a superhero on TV: now Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes is launching his own comic book, Berserker.  The book debuts at 1:00 PM this Saturday, June 27, at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles.

–Athena Currier


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