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Friday, June 26, 2009

Distad #1 & #2 (Sweden, 1984)


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Sirling writes:

"Håkan Aspnäs and Mats Svensson did not only 'mangla' their råpunk in the bands Distrust and Asocial, they also published the fanzinet Distad (as well as release cassettes under the alias Dis-Cassettes). The first issue of this zine from Hedemora, Sweden, came out in 1984 and contained interviews with bands including Krixhjälters, Subhumans, Missbrukarna, Terror Pop, Kramp (which had Peter Hirseland, more known from Svart Snö, who is taking the piss out of Crude SS. Seriously. "We hate bands such as Crude SS who are promoting violence in their lyrics.")

Issue two also came out in 1984 and here Crude S.S. is talking about Crude SS (notice the dots) and what people really should think about Crass:-). In addition very interesting names such as: Varukers, DNA, Skam (with Crash Mag-zine/records Mange in the line up), Chaotic Dischord, Mob 47, Kurt i Kuvös and Bedrövlerz.

Most of it is very worthwhile reading. "



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