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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sign up to be in Shiot Crock 16.


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I will be editing the next edition of "The Comics Journal Message Board's unofficiall anthology" known as Shiot Crock. If you make comics, maybe you want to be in it.

Here are the details so far...

Shiot Crock 16 will look a lot more like a standard graphic novel than previous editions. As always, it is open to anyone that wants to send in junk.

What to submit?
Subject= anything.
Page count= 1 to 24.
Format = The final printed pages will be 6.625 x 10.25 so your live art area will be about 6 x 9. The book will be black and white. You can submit via email or mail me one paper copy of each page. If you email, it has to be a 300 dpi tiff or jpg in a zipped file. If you snail mail me, it needs to be on paper not much bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 because my scanner is small. As long as you are sending normal comics pages, I only need one copy of each page.

Now for the wacky stuff. If you want to do non-normal comics, pages, prints, oragami or objects-- for that you will need to send me as many copies as we have contributors so that number will be calculated later. These items will be packaged with the final book but will not actually be IN the final printed book. Basically, the final product will be a traditional looking graphic novel collection packaged with whatever odd goodies people want to add.

Cost: This will be determined after we get an estimated page count but right now it is looking like about $8 per contributor with an extra 5 or 6 bucks for additional copies. That's right. We will be able to have additional copies.

Sign Up Deadline: July 15ish. Soon after that we will have the final cost and I will give out email and snail mail addresses for the submissions.
Submission Deadline: September 30ish. (With hopes of having the book out by Halloweenish. That may be unrealistic but we have to start somewhere.)

What is in it for you? You get the book. There will be a review thread here where other contributors may or may not give you feedback on your work. The book will be sent to at least a half dozen critics who may or may not give you feedback on your book. If you want extra copies you should be able to get them at a low enough price that if you sell them you will make money.

What you need to post now in this thread to sign up: Name and page count.

Go here to sign up. (Yeah, you may have to set up an account. Life is hard.)

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith


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