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Saturday, June 27, 2009

black light diner distro update, june 2009


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Hey, this is just a heads-up on the new zines and comics available at Black Light Diner Distro!

Ocean's personal zine is a text-heavy meditation on such topics as sobriety, coming out, tough girls, and voluntary spinsterhood, all wrapped up in a scrappy cut-and-paste layout. The highlight of the zine, for me, is an incredibly moving piece about a childhood encounter with a homeless AIDS victim, and how it has shaped Ocean's sense of social justice. This is a great read for anyone who likes content-heavy zines that expertly splice life stories with broader political ideas. Half-sized, 24 pages.

RUM LAD #4 (Nottingham, England)
Rum Lad is an awesome illustrated zine from England. Written and drawn by Steve Larder, this issue covers a non-lucrative but exciting visit to the Mullheim Zine Fest, adulthood disaffection, and more. There is a very long interview with Marv of the punk zine Gadgie--normally I don't like interviews at all, but it was actually an engrossing discussion about being a "stealth punk" with a day job, as well as how to nurture a small-town scene. The zine is illustrated with delicate, incredibly detailed line art, which alone makes this zine worth checking out. Half-size, 40 pages.

Spanning December '08 to March '09, the newest issue of Carrie's journal comic slips into darker territory, as she sustains a foot injury that leaves her laid up for a month, pushing her into battle with depression and alcohol dependence. Honest and bare as any perzine, Carrie's simple black and white art deeply speaks of isolation and a longing for change. Quarter-sized, 36 pages.

Thanks for reading this! If you have a zine or comic that you think might fit in the catalog, send it to the address listed on the FAQ page on the site. Email me with any questions at blacklightdiner at gmail dot com.



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