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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hetland, Beth


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The Legend of Johnny Rocker

All past divisions of people, the things that keep them separate and fighting, should be thrown away, as Beth has proved a new way to tell people apart: whether or not they like a good old fashioned mini comic rock battle.  I say this because, really, once you read that you'll know where you stand.  Is the image of one rock god competing with a wannabe rock god via awesome guitar and bass licks your idea of a good time or not?  There is no middle ground here, people.  The small town of Bramble is terrorized by Blitzkrieg as he descends from the clouds and plays his awesome bass, using it to control the weather, until the town is almost flooded.  There's only one man who can stop Blitzkrieg, and he challenges him with his equally awesome guitar: Johnny Rocker.  People who appreciate this type of thing, and frankly I don't understand you if you don't, may or may not explode with joy after seeing a two page (mini) spread of their duel, as shooting from their instruments comes unicorns, candy, geese, balloons and kites, all while they are both rocking on a cloud.  Beth also throws in some excellent dialogue from the terrified townsfolk and has an excellent grasp of trash talk between the two rock gods.  Depending on where you fall on this spectrum you'll know immediately whether or not this is for you, but if it is this thing is damned near golden.  No price, but let's say $3.



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