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Monday, November 16, 2009

Whoosh! The Zine for Whale Lovers


via DISTRO by ashleigh@qlp.ca (Ashleigh Rajala) on 11/15/09

Whoosh! A Zine For Whale Lovers, Issue #2 has all sorts of fun and fancy from How to Pick a Whale Watch Boat, to West Coast Winter Whale Watching Hot Spots, Whale Watch Lingo, an interview with the Whale Whisperers, and whale artwork. A fun, informative, and thought-provoking new zine from Katherina Audley.

Excerpt from "Meet the Whale Watchers":

The Tlingit [...] have a very strong cultural connection with orcas. They consider the orcas to be a first nation tribal society living in the water. Orcas are featured prominently in their totem poles and origin stories. They have paddle songs, which they sang to the whale during long journeys across open water. They tapped on the bottom on the canoe to keep rhythm and would hear whales vocalizing and echolocating back through the hull. Orcas often accompanied them for long periods during these trips. Wouldn't you have loved to be on one of those boats?

Whoosh! The Zine for Whale Lovers, issue 2
$3 US / fanzine / half-letter / 24 pages / 2009


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